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Docary is a place to play/create RTS games online that works everywhere.

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  • Battlership

    Our first clicker game (not so funny, but a good reminder why you need prototyping before investing big money on it)


  • Poker RTS - a failed experiment

    We create a poker RTS version but the gameplay is not worthy


  • A new Chess variant called Blob Chess

    - chess rules +
    - a piece can be moved in superposition (meaning on corners or side on 4 or 2 places at ones if they are free)
    - a piece from superposition can be moved like this: the piece is move on one choose classic position and then it's moved. The moved piece can keep it's superposition if the route allows it or it's a knight.
    - if you capture a piece on super position you must place your piece in same place as the captured one
    Test your skills against your friend (no rule enforced) here.


  • Angelo - a game mod for chess artifact for royals

    Angelo - simplified Diablo clone

    Next update:
    - maybe 1vs1


  • A new chess variant called Cube Chess

    - same rules from classical chess
    - you can stack 2 pieces (cubes), one piece can be places on top of other piece respecting chess moves (max 2 pieces can be stacked)
    - if you move the bottom piece, both pieces are moved
    - if you move the top piece, just the top piece is moved
    - the king cannot be use for stacking, cannot be on top or bottom (this prevents draws)

    From our test seems to be a chess variant that forces the players to use both brain hemispheres, that is better than classical chess. Complexity also is greater, and the game is more fun. If you want to test this chess variant with a friend, or you want to test another variant of chess, we created a version just for that (no rules are enforced). You can play it here


  • Boom, one day and we have the 1vs1 Chess Artifact for Royals

    1vs1 version of Chess Artifact for Royals (remember prototyping is almost free with us)


  • A new game, inspired by Chess, Dota2 and Clash Royale

    Chess Artifact for Royals (created in 2 weeks using GS3 - game generator ver 3).
    - No card deck builder, chess pieces are enough
    - No chest opening, or chess openings
    - No complex strategies, easy for everybody
    - No inequality
    - No more waiting
    - No hair pulling
    - No single platform, play in browser anywhere (pc, mobile, consoles?, TVs?)

    Next update:
    - 1vs1
    - controller support


  • RTTS Chess, go back in time, and make new moves

    RTS Chess + time management=RTTS Chess (real-time time strategy game).


  • A new variant for RTS cubes

    We've created a new single player version for a RTS cubes called Defend of the Cube (13ORG).


  • Controller support

    We work to improve all games to add support for controllers... seems to work with a PS4 controller, and possible xbox. Also, we improved the gameplay on tablets and phones. If you have a PS4 or Xbox console, or a smart TV, maybe you can test our games and let us know if everything works ok, just drop a message and you will receive alpha versions, otherwise we will never know. We also add a index page to help browsing and starting our games, you can test it here Games map


  • RTS with cubes and 2 players

    We've created the multiplayer version for a traditional RTS. Expect minimal graphics.


  • GO RTS vs AI, Tutorial

    RTS Go vs AI. We create 3 types of maps to play with AI. Play it here: Level 3, Level 2, Level 1. The goal is to conquer all fields. You can capture your enemy creating combos. Combos are risky as they take more time to deploy. here


  • Planeets not planets

    A simple single player version of a 3d space clicker. Try to destroy the planeets quicker. Play it here here


  • RTS GO

    Our first version of RTS Go is here. We create 3 types of maps to ply with your friend(s). We do not provide a single player version for this game yet. So.. play it here: Flower GO, Ball GO, Board GO. The goal is to conquer all fields. You can capture your enemy creating combos. Combos are risky as they take more time to deploy. here


  • Quantum Chess RTS

    We added 100 lines of code to Chess RTS and we have QUANTUM CHESS. The weirdness of quantum world can now be mastered. We observed quantum phenomenon like: tunnelling, wave/particle states, entanglement and general chaos.


  • First mini RTS test using THREE

    We create a small version for a traditional RTS. Expect minimal graphics. You can play against AI here, or against dummy AI here. Works only on a desktop using mouse. This is a alpha version just for demo and tests for friends.


  • Adventure Chess

    Win a kingdom Adventure Chess


  • Another small game

    We create a small variant called matrix, a hard level that requires skill Matrix


  • Single player weak AI for RTS chess

    We create a small version for adding single player support for RTS variant of chess. You can play it here: Classical 1vsAI, 300, knightmare, Creative AI, Napoleon


  • Creative Chess RTS

    This multi player variant of chess is a very complex one. The complexity of this game (10^1000) is greater that the complexity of go (10^123). Machines cannot compute in this almost infinite space. This is our final version of chess variants for multi player. We will add single player version of those next. Here are the rules:

    1. The starting position is only with 2 kings on their classical places (e1 and e8) and other pieces in 'hand' of each player
    2. The player can either move a piece from the board or can place a piece form 'hand' (all non king pieces form a classical chess set).
    3. A piece can be placed on the board by a player as a move and that pieces must not give check to the opponent king.
    4. The pawns can be placed only near the king or line 2 or 7 depending on colour respecting rule #3.
    5. Other non pawns can be place anywhere respecting rule #3.

    You can play it here Creative Chess
    The real-time version of creative chess allows you to place a piece in your field, giving check or not is allowed. Only for 2 players.


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